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Mission Statement

North Rampart Main Street, Inc. (NRMSI) strives to promote, build, and encourage businesses and individuals to participate in the revitalization of the North Rampart Street Corridor. Although currently underutilized, North Rampart is historically and geographically one of the most important streets in New Orleans. It serves as a border street for both the French Quarter and Tremé, two of New Orleans' most beloved neighborhoods. North Rampart is uniquely positioned to serve both residents and visitors, and to provide an easily accessible historic setting for an authentic exchange of traditionals goods, services and experiences.

NRMSI advocates for greater funding, both public and private, for the beautification and safety of the neighborhood, as well as promoting and providing free assistance and information to those who might wish to relocate in this neighborhood.

Our Community Vision
North Rampart Main Street has a community vision to:
• Form a coalition of businesses and resident associations to spur economic development and revitalization on North Rampart Street.
• Pursue planning and development that:
Promotes historic renovations and preserves historic buildings.
Develops plans for new construction on vacant lots.
Create landscapes and façades that enhance the street.
Promotes and strengthens existing businesses and attracts new businesses.
Enhances safety and security.
Maintains the current mixed-use zoning on North Rampart Street.
Encourages residential development and involvement on North Rampart Street.
Protects our vibrant neighborhoods adjacent to North Rampart Street.
Results in a diverse, inclusive historic community with ample opportunity for businesses and residents to live and prosper in harmony.
Changes the perception of North Rampart Street to progressive and thriving.
Foster increased pedestrian activity, especially in the evening hours, to attract locals, tourists, and commuters to visit North Rampart Street as a destination.
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